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Who is BCXS?

B É A U C O X S (BCXS) is a visionary beauty company that work hand in hand with direct manufacturers and branded companies to supply high quality beauty products to our loyal customer. BCXS's unique concept features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of beauty product including BCXS’s own label. With our huge range of loyal customer data base, BCXS ensure that our customer receive the best quality and latest technology of skin care to pamper their skin.

Advance Technology

BCXS ensure that the product we supply are the best solution and with advance cosmetic science technology to aid to skin problems.


We ensure that the product we supply to our customer is authentic and genuine.

Best quality

At BCXS, we will only supply high quality product to our customer.


CO2 Crystal Mask Therapy

SGD $214.00

or 3 payments of SGD $71.33 with

CO2 Crystal Mask Therapy

This therapy is a revolutionary needle-free treatment that repairs and reverse skin damage to bring your skin back to life. It uses BOHR effects to restore a healthier skin within your current skin. It is as close to considering getting expensive facial treatment to cure your skin problems.  

CO2 Crystal Mask Therapy

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SGD $68.00

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SGD $48.00

or 3 payments of SGD $16.00 with

SGD $214.00

or 3 payments of SGD $71.33 with

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