Who are we?

We are BCXS

B É A U C O X S (BCXS) is a visionary beauty company that work hand in hand with direct manufacturers and branded companies to supply high quality beauty products to our loyal customer.

BCXS’s unique concept features an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands across a broad range of beauty product including BCXS’s own label.

So, you may be asking, what does BCXS stands for?

The meaning behind BCXS

BCXS is named after our first ideal name, B É A U C O X S. It was originally taken from the word Beauty and Cosmetic to form an elegant, luxury and modern beauty brand name. BCXS represents a combination of qualities that pleases aesthetic sight senses. It is a way to extend love to yourself and to others by restoring or improving a person’s appearance by unleashing their natural beauty hidden within them.

Our Future

What we have plan

As we continue to build our luxury portfolio of partners, we are constantly adapting to and welcoming new trends in the beauty industry.

With more clean, vegan, and organic beauty brands than ever before across skin, hair, and body care, we have everything onsite to suit every individual beauty need and concern.

BCXS is 100% dedicated to excellence in the efficient supply and distribution of fresh and genuine designer brand beauty products. We believe that our customers are the foundation of our business, and we pride ourselves on the highest standards of customer service excellence.


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Why Choose Us

Advance Technology

BCXS ensure that the product we supply are the best solution and with advance cosmetic science technology to aid to skin problems.


We ensure that the product we supply to our customer is authentic and genuine.

Best quality

At BCXS, we will only supply high quality product to our customer.

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